Since 2016, Staffing Multiservices has had a simple and clear mission: to treat workers and customers fairly. In embodying this mission, we have created an honest and reliable staff company that puts a large number of men and women to work every day.
Our methods are simple. We have reliable and qualified personnel in a wide range of positions, including production assembly, construction, maintenance, electricity, carpentry, welding, office and more. Then, we relate them to the perfect employer, you.
The result? We meet the demands of your company’s workforce, while eliminating your payroll and administrative burdens. You will be happy with the results, that is our 100% satisfaction guarantee.
The mission of Staffing Multiservices is to provide a flexible workforce to our clients while providing employment opportunities for our workers. As we focus on matching workers with the needs of our clients, we are pleased to help charities in the communities we serve. We strive to be a good corporate neighbor for the communities where we live and work


Being a staffing agency with operations of a traditional temporary o permanent service, as well as the modern benefits of a payroll service and a administration company. The workforce will be directed to clients who will benefit from our low costs, professionalism, high levels of insurance and decades of experience. We will face the challenge of our new clients with innovative approaches through the use of creative and technological systems to manage people, time and equipment. 

Understand and meet the needs of our clients, such as temporary o permanent staff for the week, a special project or as a full-time supplement with reliable, professional, qualified and hardworking people backed by a reliable and ethical agency with years of experience in the market. 

With Staffing Multiservices you get a truly practical management team and the best workforce. For many of our customers, one of the most attractive things about our Company, among other things, is that we are accurate in our payroll and billing. We are fully insured for workers ‘compensation and employers’ responsibility, with very competitive prices in the industry, where our clients experience savings at the same time of high-quality service, staff of high standards in comparison with the competitors or using a traditional employer configuration with an insurance agent